OmniTik UPA-5HnD

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OmniTIK is a weatherproof outdoor AP with dual-polarized omni antennas – the perfect companion for our SXT, or for any other 5GHz 802.11a/n standard device.

Weatherproof, durable and ready to use. It has five 10/100 Ethernet ports, PoE support and a built-in 400mW 802.11a/n wireless radio. It supports Nv2 TDMA technology with up to 200Mbit aggregate throughput.

LED signal indicators on it’s back are fully customisable, show Ethernet activity or wireless signal – or any other information from RouterOS. The USB port gives the ability to connect a 3G modem or a storage drive.

The OmniTIK UPA also features power output on it’s ethernet ports. Ports 2-5 can power other PoE capable devices (like SXT-5HPnD) with the same voltage as applied to the unit. Less power adapters to worry about!

Box contains: OmniTik UPA-5HnD, mounting loops, PoE injector, 24v 2.5A power adapter


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Tehnične podrobnosti Opis
ID Izdelka: OmniTik UPA-5HnD
Arhitektura: MIPS-BE
Hitrost Procesorja: 400MHz
LAN Vhodov: 5 Vhodov
PoE: 8-30 V
Temperatura Delovanja: -30 do +70C
Dimenzije: 368x125x55mm
Operacijski Sistem: Router OS
TX: 26dBm
USB Vhod: Da